Reasons why Google Chrome OS will fail

People have been really waiting for the launch and official release of Google’s much-hyped operating systems Chromium. (including myself).

But, because of the length of time that they have announced the launching of this operating system last year, most of the IT experts see its bound to fail. Why?

a) It is really built for netbooks. But as we have observed the current trends in mobile computing, netbooks are going out. They are being replaced by better mobile devices like the IPAD or even the mobile phones which run on Android. By the time Google released this operating system, netbooks are gone.

b) Google Docs is the best that Google can do. Admittedly, we use Google Docs. Its pretty useful. But recent initiatives by Google are really not that successful or useful enough. Besides, Google’s initiatives are really for occassional use only. They are not meant for heavy big users.

c) Compatibilty…nothing more to say…. Even before the official launch, most beta testers complain that Google Chrome OS has difficulty in printing documents.

d) It is not a real operating system. Yes, it is not… It is basically an enhanced browser… How can it run programs and applications?

e) Microsoft will shoot it down… This is what Microsoft is known for….


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