Is Google Chrome Overtaking Mozilla Firefox on the Browser Popularity Race?

I have been personally using Google Chrome browser for the past two years. Coming from Mozilla Firefox, I find Chrome to be faster, more lighter than Firefox. Lately, I’ve also tried Opera and Safari, but again went back to Google Chrome.

When Chrome was first released to the public, the difference in speed between Firefox and Chrome were as large as the difference between Firefox and Internet Exploer 6 back in the day. It was simply a massive step forward, with a cleaner user interface and much better browsing performance.

In Chrome’s early days, there was no question which browser was preferred among geeks: it was Firefox all the way, if only for its excellent extension framework and accompanying ecosystem. Since Chrome had none, it lacked what many consider basic features, such as AdBlock and FlashBlock.

Another issue Chrome had to face was the fact that it took Google quite a while to get decent Linux and Mac OS X versions out the door, which didn’t sit well with many power users, who, obviously, tend to use Linux and Mac OS X more often than regular users. Google did good by taking its time, though; I can only speak for the Linux version, but it turned out pretty good.

Both issues have been fixed now, though, and it seems like more and more people are moving from Firefox to Chrome. I got many people around me to switch to Google’s browser, and all of them have been pretty unanimous: they love the speed (of browsing and the application itself), the minimal interface, the stability. The auto-update feature is something they love as well, even though most of them probably have no idea they actually love it at all – the beauty of silent updates.

There’s still issues to be dealt with in Chrome but I am sure that these can be resolved in due time. I can think of few reasons why you would prefer Firefox over Chrome (other than purely ethical reasons like not liking Google). I’m sure someone is going to mention Firebug or the Firefox Add-Ons, but from what I gather.

So, did you make the switch? Why (not)?


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