Distinguishing Hoax and Real Virus Threats

I always get emails regarding new threats that are going around the Internet these days…. While some of them merit attention, most of them don’t.

Because I am getting tired of replying to senders on this, I decided to write a note on how to really distinguish these hoaxes from real ones. Among of these are of follows:

Real Threats Are Not Forwarded in e-mails.

Its real common sense… Virus developers work using the element of SURPRISE… Why will they announce it and minimize their payload?  An example of this e-mail message is:

Yesterday a friend of mine called and told me about something that happened to him. He opened his E-mail and this BUDDYLST.ZIP was there. When he opened it his computer crashed and when he tried to re-boot he had lost everything! It was a Virus that is being passed around………..BEWARE!

Please forward to as many people as you can so no one will get hurt. These people need to be stopped. Don’t download anything form “buddhist.zip” or you will lose all your files.

b) Another thing is that real viruses do not get sent via e-mail. Virus developers find it too basic or too elementary to propagate viruses via emails these days…. Why? Most computers these days come with an anti-virus software which makes them moot…. Why send a virus via e-mail where an anti-virus can detect and remove it?

I am not saying that hoaxes cannot be just ignored, but around 99% of these email messages are really farce.

To tell you frankly, most viruses and threats these days are done via software and network vulnerabilities where it would be harder for a countermeasure solution to detect it….


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