Disaster Recovery, You Don’t Need One? This might make you change your mind

I have talked with lots of people on their business preparedness when disasters come.. Most of them say:
“I do not need it, our business is too small to be disrupted..” or
“Yes, we are prepared, we backup everything.” or
“Hmmmm, that is too expensive..” or
“Well, maybe next time…”
While the danger from disasters to small and medium-sized companies has significantly increased over the past decade, there are more disaster recovery solutions available—at a variety of price points—than ever before.
Why? One reason for this is the emergence of replication as a means of data protection and its evolution as an essential component of both disaster recovery and operational backup for applications.

Remember, if your IT or your business stops, so goes your profit, and so goes your customers. That simple.

Let me enumerate to you the facts why even SMEs need disaster recovery procedures

A. Storage failures are not a temporary inconvenience and WILL, i repeat, WILL affect your business in the long run.

Statistics say that 93% of companies who lost their data center in a disaster filed for bankrupcy within one year. What is your chance to be in the lucky 7% who did not file bankrupcy?

B. The odds of an adult having a dream coming true is 1:2.33.

Actually, this is the same probability of a company without a DRP re-opening after a catastrophe. As per article I got from KPMG, 1 in 4 business experience major crisis involving DRP every year. This is 25%… For those companies without DRP, 43% will not re-open and only 29% will only operate two years later. At best, a business loses time, money and opportunities.

So, are you prepared?



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