Simple Is Better

Enterprises and businesses think that if they have something which is not common to other businesses, they are better. It may sound true for products and services, but for their IT infrastructure, it may not always be the case.

We have seen infrastructures ranging from the most common to the most extensive and complex setup, but everything boils down to how it can serve the needs of the business and manageability.

Yes, the thing is infrastructure architects make it too complex for everything, including management of these infrastructures and even to the users themselves. The thing is it all boils down to productivity. These architects may think that complexity is equal to competitiveness, productivity and that internal feeling of accomplishment because of their “high-tech” infrastructure.

But think about this:

– do these architects use the infrastructure on a daily basis?

– if something conks out, how soon can the infrastructure recover? how does it affect the business’ daily operation?

Of course, it is not just the infrastructure that we may be talking about. It may also include all internal and external processes and procedures that relates to the infrastructure as a whole.

Technology should not be too complex. It is supposed to be a tool to make everything easier.


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