Business and Information Technology

We have been talking about this relationship during our resource talks to the students. Although this article will not focus on the technology that is being used by businesses today, but will reiterate the relationships between the success of a business and information technology.

The fact is these times, a business will not survive without an IT infrastructure. Why? Businesses rely on databases, on reports, on software, on emails, which are all running on networks and on computers and servers. Sure, there are manual processes, but these processes will not make a business running efficiently and productively.

But this does not necessarily mean that a business should implement a complex IT, even though that business is small. It is a directly proportional matter. Simple business needs simple IT while a complex business may do so well in simple IT infrastructures or even complex ones.Each business should determine what aspect of IT that business needs to support it’s operations, it’s products and services and it’s customers.

Another fact is that that infrastructure should be managed. It is not a plug and play thing. Infrastructures fail and it should be managed, otherwise, improper management of these infrastructures would create havoc on business operations. Management may include, actual infrastructure management, policies and procedures as well as manpower who manages the infrastructure. Leave one item behind, and it may not work out that well.

IT may be expensive, but it would pay out in due time. Imagine a business competitor doing manual processes in its operations compared to a business competitor with a full automated or working IT infrastructure. Not only would the business with the IT infrastructure serves its customers efficiently, but it can do a task at a fraction of time. So that business with the IT infrastructure has more time in doing strategies, in doing marketing and sales, which results to higher productivity that the one that has none.

So our tip? Start small, but make everything flexible. Everything should be designed and made so that adjustments, extensions and changes can be made fast and easy. It is hard to invest in something in which you know you will not use after a couple of years. Business owners should factor in long term vision and planning if the bulk of business would be supported by IT.


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