Things I Hate About The Internet

After being an Internet user for more than 15 years,  there are still lots of things that really bug me. Sure, the Internet has been a great source of information, knowledge and fun, but there are still lots of things here which really annoys me.

a. Those CAPTCHA codes which is really hard to read.

They say these CAPTCHA codes are for security purposes, but it makes things harder to do. And I cannot really relate where in security does it apply to.

b. Those misleading links in download sites.

There are lots of times when I am researching and looking for a solution that I can have some hands on experience with, or a solution with a computer problem that seems to obscure, but when I click on a certain link, it brings me to somewhere that is either too nasty or does not have the solution that I am looking for.

c. Third party cookies

Our computers are really secure. We have disabled unauthorized cookies for obvious reasons. But there are lots of times when we encounter things where we were asked to install a certain cookie before a link can be accessed to.

d. Really annoying ads

Smilies, dancing babies. What is their relation to the link that I am accessing at?

e. Suggested Twitter or Facebook ads to follow

I get it–Facebook is a social experience, and if you’re just signing up for a new account, it can be a pain to populate your Friends list. That’s why you can just add a few friends and let Facebook recommend friends who share some of your contacts. The same goes for Twitter, and undoubtedly several other social network sites. Convenient, right?

Sure it is, except that for anyone who has been on Facebook for a while, the list of suggested friends reads less like a helpful collection of long-lost pals and more like a rogues’ gallery of exes, frenemies, and other people you’d rather not keep in touch with. That is to say, if you and someone else have 100 mutual friends and neither of you has reached out to the other on Facebook, there’s probably a good reason for it.

f. Asking to Publish on Facebook Everything One Buys, Eats, or Comments About

Sharing drives the new Web–but that doesn’t mean I want to dump everything I type somewhere on the Web into my Facebook feed for all my friends to see.

After all, if I wanted my friends to know what I thought of the taco truck on the corner, I’d share it on Facebook, and if I wanted them to know my opinion of every single business establishment I have ever patronized, I’d do my own blog on this. But never in a million years would I want to automatically share all of that with my hundreds of Facebook friends. So quit asking.

g. Facebook and Twitter users who update us on everything.

Who cares if they are using the restroom? Or is heartbroken? Or is looking for a partner?

h. Sites that have integrated video and audio

I always get rattled when my speakers blast something which I have not really opened. And it is not that easy for someone who has a 5.1 speaker setup.



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