Technology Trends to Watch Out For

When I had the chance to be quiet and to think about where technology was going to the next three years, it dawned upon me that the following things should be factored during the next few years. Among of which are: user empowerment, improvement of processes, made to fit applications and really smart technology management.

No, equipments or new gadgets are not included here, for they are integrated into these purposes. Gadgets and hardware are tools for technology, but not necessarily to be a factor during the next three years.

The first trend, which is empowerment, includes these gadgets and hardware, as well as the applications that drive this factor. These include: mobile business apps, cloud computing, telepresence, collaboration, and customer community platforms.

SaaS and Cloud computing, will have the biggest impact among these. as IT people and executives determine where to invest resources, adopt new application support practices for SaaS, and re-evaluate capacity issues and architecture standards.

The second category, process-centric data and intelligence, includes next-generation business intelligence, text and social analytics, information-as-a-service, and master data management.

Out of these next-generation BI will have the biggest business impact because firms will “increase their use of analytics to improve their speed of response to changing market conditions”. Again, BI will now be sourced as an SaaS so that no expensive solutions are needed.

During the next three years, real-time information on customer behavior and market conditions will become more prevalent, making it even more critical for organisations to understand the role unstructured data plays in daily operations. Why? There are lots of untapped information in there, and customer relations and services would be critical in order for a business to be competitive.

Improved service orientated architectures, Web 2.0-enabled business process management and the wider virtualisation of technology will support the other two categories.


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