Protecting Flash Drives from Viruses

Flash drives are virus magnets. You will never know you have one until either it gets detected or everything in there gets deleted. The sources are too many to mention, but the most common way is when you insert it into an infected computer.

While most people downplay the role of virus transmission via flashdrives, we don’t. These small storage devices may still contain valuable information that can get into the wrong hands via backdoor viruses. Or, in worst case scenario, the virus might be the source of a network infection when connected or used in a networked computer.

While here in ViZ Talks do not advocate any commercial product, we find it necessary to look for something for us to protect our flashdrives. We have been in search for the most portable solution available, which protect these devices like our anti-virus software protects our computers. For this, we found the SuperAntiSpyware Portable Scanner. The program requires no installation; you just copy it to your flash drive  then run it whenever you want to check for and remove infections. Very handy.

You should also consider running Panda USB Vaccine, which disables a flash drive’s Autorun.inf file–a common carrier for malware. Doing so will prevent the drive’s Autorun box from appearing when you plug it into your PC, but that’s no biggie–you just have to open the drive manually.

Of course, it is still recommended that each computer has its own anti-virus software installation.


It pays to be careful and vigilant…. It is one of the essense of IT Security.


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