How to Protect Against Firesheep

Every minute, there are growing users of Firesheep, for there are millions of Firefox users out there which are trying to get their hands on this utility every minute, we have decided to put in some simple steps on how you can protect yourself from this concerning threat.

Since Firesheep’s payload is on http on Wifi as we have mentioned on our last blog article, the following are just simple steps that a user can do to avoid being victimized by an unscrupulous Firesheep user:

1. Avoid public Wi-Fi networks that are unencrypted and are using a basic password protection.

2. For Mozilla Firefox users, use Firefox’s https-everywhere. You can google it and set it up as an add-in to your Firefox browser. You may need to set it up manually for it only works with a defined list of sites, including Twitter, Facebook, PayPal and Google.

Unfortunately, IE, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari users do not have this feature, so they are left out in the cold and better do suggestion 1.

3. If you cannot avoid using the Internet in a public place, better bring with you your own Internet connectivity modem kit such as Smart Bro, Globe Tattoo or Sun Cellular’s modem (i forgot the brand name). It would be more secure than using a public Wifi network for you would have a different IP address than those people who are in that unsecured public Wifi. It may be that tad slow, but it is better to be slow than to be unsecure.

These are the suggestions that I can think as of now. For sure, Firesheep can trigger other simple hacking tools in the future.  Going forward, the metric of Firesheep’s success will quickly change from amount of attention it gains, to the number of sites that adopt proper security. True success will be when Firesheep no longer works at all. But for now, all IT security experts are worried about this.


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