Imagine life…

..if there is no Internet:

  • then all the mails will be sent via snail mail or courier. We will all die of suspense while waiting for some important document via mail.
  • we will always hear the phrase “Can I request for a fax tone?” or “Fax tone please..”
  • private and public libraries will be full.     
  • we will pay for every research material that we need.
  • long distance phone bills would make us drop our jaws.
  • the only means of socialization would be like reunions, bars, singles clubs, club meetings, etc. (what? no face book or twitter?)
  • books, magazines and newspapers will still be in, contributing to the cutting of trees.
  • the only security that we need can either be: hiring of security guards, bodyguards, bank deposit safe boxes or personal safe vaults.
  • people would only be drinking coffee, socialize or eating something in Starbucks.


..if there are no cellphones

  • then those red public phone booths will still be popular. then Superman can have lots of options on where to change.   
  • it would be easier for us to disappear. vacations would be more enjoyable.
  • people will not drool over your newer model cellphone.


..if there are no computers

  • then upon entering an office, that clicking sound of a typewriter will welcome you. (oh i miss this sound.)  
  • calculators and adding machines will still be expensive.
  • bank teller queues will still be that long. (oh well, it is still long now, isn’t it?)
  • offices would be bigger, for they need additional floor space for those storage cabinets to keep the files and records.
  • people would patronize the movie houses.
  • people would be carrying large stacks of CD’s or even tapes while listening to music using their walkmans or CD players (right….no MP3s.) 
  • we need to have a stockbroker.
  • we need to go to the bank to transact.
  • preparation of our monthly reports would be very tedious. Imagine yourself trying to complete a 24 column accounting worksheet by hand.
  • you would need a bigger table. this is also related to my item above, where offices need bigger floor spaces.
  • carbon papers will still be in use.
  • car repairs would still be a hit and miss thing.
  • everything will still be paid in cash (yehey!)
  • keeping inventories would really be a chore.
  • no expensive IT projects to be competitive.
  • on the brighter side of it…..MORE JOBS!
  • I could have been a doctor or a pilot…

Life was way simplier then….

Just reminiscing those good old days.


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