21 PC Mysteries Solved

PCs are certainly marvels of technology–and yet for all their advances, computers still do crazy, inexplicable things. With the average machine, there’s enough mystery to keep Sherlock Holmes hopping for a month–and enough frustration to make the average user want to commit murder most foul.

Computing mysteries tend to be less “Who dunnit?” and more “Why won’t it?” For example, you may have puzzled over why Windows obstinately re­­fused to let you delete a stalled print job, or wondered why you couldn’t find the file you just downloaded. But worry not, after years of being in the field talking with the users themselves, we’ve listed up these and other mindbogglers of the PC universe–and solved them for you.

  • Where did my downloaded files go?
  • Why does a video play on my desktop but not on my laptop?
  • My printer does not print, and the printer does not want to cancel out my print job.
  • I hear beeps when I turn on the computer.
  • In a folder, I see a filename named thumbs.db. What is it?
  • Why does every camera, or even my cellphone camera, insists storing pictures in a folder named DCIM?
  • My recycle bin has disappeared.
  • Why does Windows reboot without my permission?
  • Where did those mysterious toolbars came from?
  • How did I end up with Quicktime on my PC?
  • Why can’t I open .docx files even though I have MS Office 2007 installed?
  • Why won’t Windows allow me to delete certain files?
  • Why do some programs leave folders after uninstalling them?
  • How come Adobe and Java update frequently? What can I do on these?
  • Is it necessary to update Windows?
  • Does it matter if I do not follow the “Safely Remove Hardware”?
  • Why can’t i send a particular attachment via e-mail?
  • What are the .dat files I receive in e-mail? How do I open them?
  • How can I determine if a website is safe to visit?

Apparently, the list, if explained in detail would create a novel which can be too boring to read. To know the answers, just leave a message here and we will promptly answer them for you.



2 responses to “21 PC Mysteries Solved

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