Can We Give Some Praise to the Un-Smartphone?

It started just last week, we were in a coffee shop waiting for our client to show up for a meeting. After I comfortably sat down at the lounge type chair, my eyes started to wander. I’ve noticed that in that coffee shop, people who have been idling around, drinking coffee would either have a laptop or a netbook with a smartphone beside him or her or a smartphone (which can either be an Iphone, a Blackberry or a Nokia). I have also noticed one young guy, probably in his teens, browsing the internet using his Samsung Galaxy.  

Two questions suddenly popped right in my head. Are these people here to enjoy their mocha frap or are they here to show off their gadgets? Probably both. And my second question is, is a mobile phone supposed to be a mobile phone? Used for calling while you are outside of your home or office and sending some occasional text messages to tell a loved one that you are fine? Probably no.

Then suddenly, I missed those days. People are really too tech savvy now that the gadgets I saw at that place, used to be concept technologies before that were first seen during the Tokyo Expo years back. Gone are the days wherein people would only get their phone if they are to call someone or are being called by someone. People browse the internet using smartphones. Why, it could be so hard to read those really small characters on those small screens.

Gone are the days where the Motorola StarTac costs more than 20 thousand pesos, and the Nokia 7110 (the banana type), costs more than 18 thousand pesos. And those phones are really phones. They are used to call and be called.

I missed my Nokia 3310, my Nokia 6210, my Sony Ericsson K750i, my Siemens ME45 and my Motorola V3.

Anyway, just reminiscing. After my eyes wandered, I got back sipping my Cafe Amerikano and started browsing the internet, using my IPOD Touch iOS 4.2 with a my smartphone lookalike beside me.




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