E-Mail Threats

Consider these facts:

  • 19.5% of e-mails contain malicious code based on the latest Symantec study.
  • Targeted Trojans aimed at senior-level employees and management are on the rise, based on the latest study done by the International Management Consulting Group.
  • Online criminals are getting smarter. They are now using PDF files and images which blend in with the web and email attacks, based on study by Sophos.
  • 1 in every 200 emails contain malware, based on the study done by Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.
  • 200 unique malware strains are being developed and circulated everyday, based on studies done by the Symantec.

What’s the hush? Current protection and anti-virus software will not be able to keep up. Zero-day attacks are getting to be the most popular virus and malware attacks.

So what can we do?

  • Aside from making sure that you use a valid commercial anti-virus software with the best support available for zero-day attacks, there has to be some facility within the network that avoids or minimizes these threats. Sure firewalls can help, but they are not enough. Current virus and malware trends, are able to bypass firewall easily.
  • User information is very critical. Users should know the risks, how can these risks be acquired and methods on how to avoid these risks.

Remember, avoiding or minimizing these risks help. They help in keeping your business available.



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