Malware that targets Routers

As I was going through the news the other day, I learned that there is now a MALWARE that targets routers running Linux. What could not be possible before is now possible. Since routers are one of the basic mechanisms that control your network security, this is now in threat.

The malware is an executable file that runs on Linux, Unix and similar operating systems. The code creates a backdoor into some IRC application that can do brute force attacks and get the username and passwords for devices that they infect.

What’s our take on this?

Simply means, it is easier to break into networks. All passwords and usernames protecting your networks are now compromised.

What can you do with it?

There are two ways. First, if your routers are running on Linux or similar operating systems, change them into non-Linux or Unix variants. The second is to patch them up and plug those holes.

And yes, it would also be better if you review your router logs regularly.


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