Disaster Preparedness

We have noticed that during the past three years, disasters are really that bad and had caused loss of lives, property and reputation. Starting with the Katrina hurricane in the United States, volcanic eruptions, the economic crash of the United States, the Philippine floods, the Chilean, the New Zealand and recently, the Japan earthquake. Now its getting to be a Japan nuclear disaster. Yes, countries have been affected. How about you and your business? 

What would happen if there had been an earthquake which crashed down your data center? What would happen to your business if we are hit with a month long power outage? What would happen to your documents and computers should there would be 50 feet tsunamis or even floods? What would happen if all of your employees cannot report for work as a result of these disasters? And lastly, how can you take care of your customers should these things happen? 

We are in a disaster prone region, no doubt about that. For sure, each business, be it a small business or even a large business should have contingency plans in place. Information shows that 90% of businesses who do not have appropriate business contingency and disaster plans close within two years after the disaster.

Again, we will be asking you. Are you prepared?


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