Don’t you know that computer viruses can….

  • make your computer behave abnormally?
  • make your computer run slower?
  • rename your files?
  • or in worst cases, delete your files?
  • fight for its survival?
  • steal your files?
  • steal confidential information?
  • slowdown the network?
  • disconnect your computer from the network?
  • make your hard disk full?
  • destroy your RAM?
  • or in worst cases, destroy your computer’s CMOS?
  • evade detection?
  • cause your anti-virus software to stop? 
  • disable your computer’s dos prompt?
  • disable your computer’s registry editor?
  • attach itself to all files? even pictures, movies and music?
  • be acquired from a website?   
  • be transferred from a USB flash disk?
  • be transferred within the network?
  • be transferred via e-mail?
  • lie there inside your computer for years? and is triggered to run in a specific date and time?
  • not just be removed by a simple scan and clean?
  • now be found in mobile phones?
  • destroy programs? which makes it easier to replicate during program execution?
  • delete everything in your hard disk?   
  • crash your computer?
  • bring down your network?
  • make your computer useless?
  • even exist in servers?
  • even exist in androids, symbians, macOS and Linux?
  • destroy your privacy?
  • destroy your schedules?
  • drive you crazy?     
  • make you sick too?
  • ruin your life?

Our prognosis? Do not use your computer. Or if you cannot avoid it, see to it that your anti-virus program is updated regularly. Observe vigilance. Be proactive.



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