This Lenten Season…

…. let us take time to refresh our souls and reflect what the Lord has done for us, for the atonement of our sins, and for the salvation of mankind.

…. let us take time to rest our tired bodies and minds by leaving off things that we still need to do in our workplaces.

…. let us take time to clean-up our junk, our closets… Any things that may still be used can be donated to unfortunate people or to charitable institutions. Remember, what may be junk or useless to us may still be useful to other people.

… take time to go out, enjoy the sun and meet new people. There is more to life between your cubicle, your office, your boss, your co-workers and your house. 

…. let our computers rest. Even though they are called “machines”, they get tired too.

…. If our computers cannot be rested, take time to clean up junk mails, unused programs, archive old files. Less or no junk means, optimal run time.

…. take time to backup (if you don’t do it regularly). You’ll find it beneficial for you in the future. 

…. take time to defrag your hard disks. Fragmented hard disks cause system slowdowns.

…. take time to check the condition of your hard disks. They may be failing without you even knowing it. If in case they are, go back to backup.

…. take time to patch up your servers, your operating systems and even your laptops. These patches help you deal with malicious hackers and viruses. 

Finally, take time to turn your cellphone or your Blackberry off. You deserve a break.

Happy Easter everyone!


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