Disaster Recovery is Everyone’s Job

During the past few weeks of being absent here, certain aspects of DR have come into my attention, in which, the biggest concern is how non-IT people view disaster recovery. Most of the people I’ve talked to the past few days fully rely on IT to back up their files, saying that “it is IT’s responsibility to BACKUP THEIR FILES.” One question came into my mind…”How can IT know what files to backup? These files are the property of the users themselves, so that IT may or may not know what detailed files should be backed-up. Waiting on IT is not the answer. Even though there are cloud backup facilities that are available, each user should be responsible in backing up their files. And considering that these cloud backup facilities may also fail, it should be everyone’s concern to backup their respective files.

In my experience, IT is among the first to ask the tough questions: How do we back these up? How do we bring our systems online after a failure? How do we build redundancy into our network and on our systems?

The problem these days and into the onset of cloud based services, including SaaS, some companies are trying to get by with little or no IT. That leaves these companies with no one skilled to ask and answer these difficult and sometimes, uncomfortable questions.

Executives on the other hand, are now forced to play catch up and learn what it means to be disaster proof. SLA’s are not being the focus of discussions. How will this service provider handle downtime? What are the available options in transferring our data quickly to another live and online device? Can you show me how you can do this?

The last question is the one that might trip these businesses. Just because service providers or even their internal infrastructure say they cannot provide failover during an outage does not mean they cannot actually run. In IT, its commonplace to run drills on the data center to see how everyone would perform in a real disaster. With the available services that they have now, they fully trust go by the wayside, trusting what they have now to inherently have this covered.

Machines fail, networks fail, database crashes, that is a fact. Recently Amazon experienced an outage, Google experienced an outage. And these companies have invested robustly on their infrastructure. What more those business who have build infrastructures on non-reliable equipments?


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