Solving Google Chrome’s High CPU Usage

Most of us know that Google Chrome is the fastest browser today. It loads fast, it starts fast and it really navigates fast. 

But how many know that Chrome utilizes so much processor’s resources that for those PCs who have lower powered processors installed, suddenly, everything crawls down.

My laptop has a dual core processor and 2 GB of RAM (the standard off the shelf package). The only difference is that I use this laptop as a network management and monitoring unit. I’ve installed a processor and RAM monitoring facility (naaah, I am not using Windows gadgets which consumes lots of RAM), but instead, am using Rainmeter and its necessary skins.

What I’ve noticed is that when I was using Mozilla Firefox, CPU activities only range from 8-15% utilization on 45% RAM usage. The CPU activities nor the RAM usage do not go up when using Firefox’s multiple tab functionalities.

Recently, I’ve tried using Chrome, and using the same behavioral processes in browsing, I’ve noticed that my CPU and RAM usage spikes, even though I am confined with one tab. Much worse, it increases when I am using at least three tabs.

As I am writing this blog article using Chrome, I am only using 6% of my CPU and 40% of my RAM. Yes, I have three open tabs and I have multiple processes running in the background.

The secret?

I’ve found out that Chrome, in its default installation, protects users from phishing and malware on real time. Sure, small deal, but if it consumes 80% of your CPU and 80% of your RAM, its definitely big deal.

What I did is just to disable this functionality under the Options – Under the Bonnets area. And right there and then, my CPU usage went down from 60% to 14%, my RAM usage went down from 70% to 45% and everything is back to normal.

Of course, I am not saying that you go through everything without the phishing and malware protection for this is important.

But it surely works. I am also attaching a screenshot of my resource monitoring results here.



13 responses to “Solving Google Chrome’s High CPU Usage

    • Just found a solution for this one… after experimenting different stuffs, I finally figured out how to make it fast… 1st, before you open google chrome, open the Task Manager first(Ctrl+Alt+Del)then click the performance tab, now open Google Chrome, check the Task Manager, it is using more than 80%, sometime 100% of your CPU usage just like mine… To lower this one and make Google Chrome fast again, click the processes tab, look for the Image name that uses 22,000 or more Mem usage except for Chrome.exe(of course) and System Idle process, now if you found those Image name that uses 22,000 or more Mem usage, click it then “End Process” I think I ended three processes and now I’m using Chrome again and the CPU usage just run around 2%, 11%, and 16% is the highest, enjoy 🙂 Hope I solved your problem =)

      • @laurenswift the problem to your solution is that it comes back . but after trying
        vizconsult solution i have still not faced this issue at all.

    • Thanks for this amazing tip. Instant results. The other benefit is that I can now view BBC video clips, which before I unticked the option to protect against malware and phishing, I could not see. My cooling fan is now barely ticking over. Should greatly improve battery life. Magic advice!!

  1. hello sir. i really hope that you are still checking here
    I really need to disable this google real time thing
    But i think the google chrome setting has changed
    i can’t find it anymore
    Can you tell me exactly how i can disable it?!

    • hi… for the newer versions of Google Chrome, its located at

      Wrench button – settings – advance settings – uncheck the enable phishing and malware protection. please make sure that you have the necessary protection on your computer like anti-viruses, anti-malware, etc. This advice is made only to speed up Google chrome without sacrificing your protection status.

      Hope this helps.

    • hi. thanks for your comment. however, i am assuming that you use adobe flash for your streaming requirements. this is not unusual for for flash, which is know to have high performance requirements.

  2. Thanks, that was really helpufl!! even with fullscreen flash view everything doesn’t freeze any more.

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  4. I have been irritated by this for weeks now, but not before that. Either I changed something, or Chrome changed its defaults somehow. Anyway, I unchecked the little box and am hopeful that it solves this problem. I have other malware/phishing protection, so don’t really need this when it has such a huge footprint.

    Thanks for figuring it out!

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