Hey! Is that a Cloud?

Nice to be back here after a long absense.

Well, part of our absense is mainly due to further studies that we have undertaken, including implementation on the results of these studies to our business model.

Also, I have been talking with lots of people on technologies and we think, one of the most misconcepted and misunderstood term in computing these days is CLOUD COMPUTING. 

What actually is CLOUD COMPUTING? Well, its NOT having your applications run on the Internet, it is also not accessing your own network via VPN on the Internet. If these definitions do not hold true, then what is actually CLOUD COMPUTING?

Per Wikipedia, CLOUD COMPUTING is the delivery of computing and storage capacity as a service. If as a service, what we mean is that it should be paid and not purchased. It means, running your applications, your infrastructure and your platform as though you are subscribing to it on a fixed or variable period. A CLOUD COMPUTING SERVICE is already there, up and running. All a user would have to do is to subscribe, given an access, and run. This concept is different from having your servers and your applications be opened on the Internet for your internal users. CLOUD COMPUTING also implies that the facility is there are you are sharing that facility with other subscribers, security or non-security issues nonwithstanding.

Most vendors are now leveraging the cloud, but actually, most of them are not familiar with the cloud, which adds to the confusion. But then again, only a few vendors would be best qualified to really be determined as a “valid” cloud provider. We will not be naming names here, but it would be up to the readers to really determine who is really telling the truth in terms of cloud marketing.

There are many things that we would want to discuss on CLOUD, but it would be better if we sub-divide these topics for future readings….Watch out for it…..