Hail to the Un-SmartPhone Part 2

I really do not know if the last blog I posted was a coincidence or a premonition, but a day after I wrote that blog entry regarding us wanting to give some praise to the basic call and text messaging phone, my smartphone wannabe was stolen by a pickpocket while I was riding public transportation.

Realizing that a mobile phone is really important to me, I just bought a used Motorola V3, which was still shiny and smooth….All for one thousand pesos, including new batteries and a charger. ┬áMy carrier (Smart Communications) issued me a new replacement SIM carrying my old number so its back to normal now.

But then again, I realized that the power of the mind really works. I used to complain that my previous phone (that smartphone wannabe), always drops calls and gives out choppy signals. I always tell my wife that when I have a chance, I will have that phone replaced, but I always have to defer it or postpone it due to some reasons. But when it was stolen, no more reasoning, no more postponement. All I needed is a mobile phone, and that is it. I do not care about the features, but all that I want is that it should be small and light enough to fit in my pocket.

Now, I am back to the basics, and is quite happy with it.